Flickr fruits 13

Flickr Fruits
Drop – David Lu

YesYesNoNo’s Invisible Journey’s (Datalooknise) project aims at mapping fields of Wi-Fi node signals during bike and car trips. Using various kinds of representation systems to visualise different properties of the nodes (such as encryption settings) these abstractions act as timelines of the journey and, at times, give the impression of some kind experimental music notation. Detailed information on the methods used to collect and apply the data is annotated with each image in the development sequence.

David Lu continues his experiments with computational abstraction (using Processing & Openframeworks) with a new set documenting work done in 2008. Light translucent organisms drift over a grey planes and sharper lines create op-art-esque compositions in compelling natural colour palettes. Aspects of movement, rotation and propulsion are implicated the more recent monochromatic outputs.

Dave Bollinger’s Density set, which keeps getting bigger, uses ‘random placement, deterministic placement and optimal packing placement’ of simples units to provide a complexity that is ‘spatially ambiguous, akin to op-art, and conveying various perceptual oddities’. At times the results are organically decorative, elsewhere we find the patterns and aggregations of crystalline growth.

Note: All three artists have been featured in previous posts at NatureIsData!

Yesyesnono – Oli Laruelle
Computational Drawings – David Lu
Labyrinthine multiforms – Dave Bollinger

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