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Richard Lazzara

Calligraphy and Automatic Writing maybe distant relatives to computational processes, repetitive squiggles that are created by seismographic looping arcs of the human hand while the mind is else-if-then. Richard Lazzara has a splendid collection of calligraphic meta-doodles that have a touch of Pollock about them albeit monochrome with the sheen of a metallic background gradient. As If continuing the journey originally embarked upon by Bryon Gysin, his works rely on the illusion of secret alphabets, space-filling patterns and formation of random figures into recognisable forms a la Rorschach blots.

Originally spotted at Socialfiction

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3 Responses to “Richard Lazzara – metaCalligraphic”

  1. Chris L writes:

    I like your site I just discovered it today. Informaion when organized does give a glimps into the pattern centric chaos of nature.. It is great to see so many different approaches. I like this post especially since it comes from the mind purelly, as is my own work. This drawing are similar in many ways to the approach I use to start my drawings, and relates it to Taoism, which I do as well. Though I am not able to stop at the level he does.

  2. Richard Lazzara writes:

    Thanks for finding a little of my Art on the internet. Philip Guston and Mercedes Matter are just two of my direct art teachers, who I had the opportunity over several years to study with while at the Actually, My Art is ‘Quantum Physics’ and not at all “doodles”! People who study string theory will see ‘that’ in the array of lines and the movement inherent in my art. Richard Lazzara, my given name and shankargallery my web name can be found across the internet in well over 100 web2 sites and I am the spearhead artist opening vast new territories for other artists to follow. My home page began in 1999 and now my site is a web2 portal of sharing potential. My art is inclusive of many cultures, mindfulness and love of soul as noted in my motto “Art for the Soul”

  3. paul writes:

    Thanks for dropping by Richard. Interesting you studied with Guston. By ‘doodles’, i wasnt implying any negative or throw away connotations. To me there is a metaphysical aspect to doodling that i could feel in your work! :)

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