Kokkugia – Morphogenetic Lattices & Reflexive Tessellations


Applying the emergent properties of complex systems such as the self-organising behaviour found in biological patterns and social interactions, Kokkugia uses generative methologies to produce experimental architectural conjecture.

‘Agent-based simulation techniques are used to generate programmatic relationships. Architectural elements such as a façade, plaza, or construction grid are assigned rules or behaviours, which govern the way in which they interact with this field in the form making process. This develops an emergent relationship between program and peculiarities of architectural form, enabling the design process, and resultant architecture to exhibit particular behavioural qualities.

The use of negative space in complex multiform arrangements seems to be a prominent interest. Organic habitable parametric spaces and complex materials are constructed through the layering of geometric lattices. Aesthetically the structures are rich and seductive.

Kokkugia was founded in 2004 by Jonathan Podborsek, Roland Snooks and Rob Stuart-smith and operates in New York and London. The agency was recently involved in the ‘Scripted by Purpose’ exhibition of ‘Explicit and encoded processes’ curated by the Theverymany.

Living Architecture and Parametric Abstraction

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