Enzo Varriale – Brainwave Maps & Abstract surfaces

Enzo Varriale
EEG_Brainwaves Mapping – Enzo Varriale

Enzo Varriale’s work in VVVV is marked by muted, metallic colour palettes and a strong graphic style; the gradient accent on the backgrounds helps to counterpart the three-dimensionality of the forms. Particularly of interest are his Brainwave Visualisations where EEG information is gathered over a short period of time and used to inform the outcome of the complex shapes and structures, meshes and synaptic tangles. Elsewhere, in his Abstract Surfaces set, you find crisply rendered outputs of mathematical functions, superfomulae and particle systems, most of which have used spreads (VVVV’s node for array positioning of multiple objects in space) to create a considered complexity.

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