Lia – Isaidif

Lia - isaidif

Using a semi-autonomous generative drawing system and her trademark interface, Lia’s Isaidif turns browserspace into a real-time abstract artwork where trajectories connect nodes & layers of pixel thick lines to build up densities of textures with a graduated minimalist colour palette. The hermetic robotic clicks, clatters and mechanised audio counterpart increases the feeling of that some kind of apparatus is being constructed, or in operation, with wheels and crane-like structures. Fitting then that Isaidif was produced for last years Kunstmaschinen Maschinenkunst (Art Machines Machine Art) at the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt and crated by Katharina Dohm Dr. des. Heinz Stahlhut. The exhibition surveyed the role of the machine in making art beginning with Jean Tinguely’s drawing mechanisms of the 50’s and running through to present day artists such as Lia.

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