Jen Stark – Spectrographic Paper Cut

jen Stark.
Cosmological Constant – Jen Stark

Employing a spectrographic range of colour, self-similar shapes and contours in her pieces, Jen Stark’s works might at first appear as if they were computer rendered. Instead she cuts through sheets of layered paper, revealing the colours below and shaping the cut paper into complex sculptures with mathematical precision.

Papermation, an animation completed last year, appears to be a stop-frame animation of paper cuts and compositions. The pulsing movement and sequence of configurations may hold some hints to the secrets of Jen’s construction process. This kind of low-tech approach to animation further reminds me of work by early abstract animators such as Oscar Fischinger and Norman Mclaren

3 Responses to “Jen Stark – Spectrographic Paper Cut”

  1. defetto writes:

    this is beautifil!

  2. Nathan Selikoff writes:

    I just came across Jen’s art the other day doing a Google image search for various types of sculpture, looking for inspiration and reference for some 3d renders I’m working on. I find the forms and colors absolutely beautiful. It helps that her work is very well lit and photographed.

  3. paul writes:

    yep, they works are very well photographed indeed, the second picture above has the scent of Sunflow about it!

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