Entheogenic Software – Henri Michaux

Michaux Mescaline drawings
Mescaline Drawings – Henri Michaux

Joseph Nechval hits the nail firmly on the head in describing Henri Michaux’s Mescaline drawings as a space where ‘we see the mind/hand become cyborg, taking on the systematic (but out-of-control vibrational qualities) of the robo-seismograph.’

Entheogens are the software, a program to be run in the brain hardware, sending encoded information to its peripherals, layering discreet but coded information. Michaux’s Mescaline drawings offer the sort of topologies often discovered under a microscope, or seen in a Jitter patch (I’m thinking Xx+xy’s visuals to Murcof’s music last Sunday at the Corsica Studios, London). Crawling non organic crystal matter coagulates into landscapes as the drug software distributes points and data in XYZ space, then connects the points through intelligent networks revealing intuitively the chemistry of the brain and the thought process itself.

Michaux’s drawings, done in the 50’s, offer maps of vastly complex energy fields, the kind of which he described as ‘thousands and thousands of effulgent microscopic points, dazzling diamonds, flashes of microbes’ This is algorithmic psychedelia at full power and the fine optical food for lovers of pattern-recognition systems.

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  1. anon writes:

    MA VIE
    Henri Michaux

    Tu t’en vas sans moi, ma vie.
    Tu roules.
    Et moi j’attends encore de faire un pas.
    Tu portes ailleurs la bataille.
    Tu me désertes ainsi.
    Je ne t’ai jamais suivie.
    Je ne vois pas clair dans tes offres.
    Le petit peu que je veux, jamais tu ne l’apportes.
    A cause de ce manque, j’aspire à tant.
    A tant de choses, à presque l’infini…
    A cause de ce peu qui manque, que jamais tu n’apportes.

    Henri Michaux

    You’re going someplace without me, my life.
    You’re rolling away.
    And I’m still waiting to make my move.
    You’ve taken the battle somewhere
    Abandoning me on the way.
    I never followed, I stay.
    Where you are leading me, I can’t plainly see.
    The very little that I want, you never bring to me.
    Because of this emptiness, I want
    So many things, almost the infinite …
    Because of this emptiness, that you never fill.

  2. xx+xy visuals writes:

    Hi Paul, thank you for your quote about our work for Murcof’s Cosmos.
    Your works and your weblog are very interesting, I wish we can share more ideas. Keep in touch.

  3. paul writes:

    thanks to the anon poetry poster! && xx+xy, nice of you guys to drop by!

  4. kahan writes:

    I found an image on a computer, it was michaux. I was blown away by how my most recent work fits within the line and atmosphere of his drawings. I have been doing maps out of grass and dirt on mylar.


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