Darlene Charneco – Dioramic imaginings

darlene Charneco
Immense Journey Symbiosis – Darlene Charneco

Darlene Charneco art dioramas, terrain paintings and constructed virtual worlds explore personal memories, mappings, networks and imagined communities, often inspired by her explorations in virtual worlds such a Second Life or experiences in playing ‘god games’ like Sim City – as if seeing ourselves from above, we appreciate another layer of distant objectivity made more so affirming by such radiant use of colours and offering a portal back to our childhood. As previously mentioned, dataisnature is a map lover, so its no surprise then that much excitement and awe is found in perusing Avadarlene’s Sparkleworlds & Gameworld Flickr sets! At times the mapping schematic breaks down, as in ‘Coney Island Level’ to offer a lexicon of shapes with painterly abstraction. The wonderfully titled ‘Self-Archiving LibraryTemple’ associates the architecture of a printed circuit board with that of a real landscape such as an airport, where functional necessity defines structure with particular pattern and geometry.

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