The system will eat itself

Those of you who may have checked the dataisnature browserspace in the last day or two will have noticed images not showing up on each post. This is because the images are hosted on another server, which on inspection had gone down. On contacting hosting/domain support I was told that my domain account has long been overdue for a registration update, and after repeated warnings the expiry date had long passed. Ouch, ‘But I received no notification that the domain was near to expire’ I told the techhead. ‘Ah, we sent you emails, 4 of them over the period of a month’. ‘Ah but I never received any of them’ I said.

Turns out that webmail, as I often use when I’m away from home, incorporates anti-Spam filtering that is not user controllable or defined, and Easyspace’s own Spam filters had kidnapped their own warning emails to me! Nice!

This is the first ever DisN post without any links.

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  1. Kuja writes:

    Hey Paul,
    Seems like we are facing some kind of electronic autoimmune disease. Check this one:

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