Flickr Fruits 11 – Perlin Noise and Sunflow

Perlin Noise to Surface_Constrain – Dottore

A couple of sexy new looks for the generative autumn/winter season – Perlin Noise and SunFlow rendering rock the Flickr catwalks.

Like neatly packed sheets of ice covering a mountain range reflecting the rarefied light of the sun. The output of Dottore’s VVVV ‘Perlin Noise to Surface_Constrain’ module appear as ice crystals, glaciers and various Arctic landscapes.

Yesyesnono set out to feel the power of a billions lines and ended up producing some nice Perlin Noise distributions such as 10000 triangles and 40000(). The latter image has a time based process feel to it like ones found in nature – weathering, dripping or bubbling of paint for example.

Perlin noise is widely used in computer graphics for effects like fire, smoke, and clouds. It is also frequently used to generate textures when memory is extremely limited – such as in the case with the Demo Scene.

Sunflow, a global illumination raytracing engine built in Java, has gained quite a bit of popularity recently with the Processing hardcore. The p5sunflow library allows Processing sketches to be rendered with seductive soft diffused textural shading and shadows. Simon Geilfus, Lennyjpg & Movax have used the renderer to produce some nicely balanced mutliform compositions and wildstyle extrusions.

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