WiiWiiWiiWii – Game controller makes visual music


Sometimes a keyboard for control is not enough, you require a tangible interface to communicate with your parameters. Recently the importance of the midi controller with generative systems has been proven, but a new kid on the block is the Wii controller (Wiimote). Designed for gaming but easily hackable to control your favourite software – be it Processing, Max/Msp or VVVV. Its motion sensing capability in 3D space is perfect for mapping into your X, Y and Z’s resulting in a fun and novel way of controlling your animations

Bringing together 3 Software’s – VVVV, Max/MSP and Reason the WiiWiiWiiWii thesis project provides a system allowing for a set of Wiimotes to become a syneasthetic musical instruments. WiiWiiWiiWii looks like fun – it uses the Wiimote and Nunchuk to produce sounds and their graphical counterparts. The representation of sound comes in the form of a branch like structure with ‘notes’ growing from it – a kind of real time evolving organic score.

WiiWiiWiiWii was produced by Claudio Midolo, Edgar Castellanos, Natan Sinigaglia & Pedro Mari.

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  1. Pedro Mari aka defetto writes:

    tnx for pointin our work out!
    wiiwiiwiiwii love dataisnature, this weblog is wonderful!

  2. the doctor writes:

    …WiiWiiWiiWii was produced by Claudio Midolo, Edgar Castellanos, Nata Sinigaglia & Pedro Mari.
    …Nata? :) …I’m Natan! :D

  3. paul writes:

    tis fixed! :)

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