Thoughtforms & Occult Chemistry

Plate from Thoughtforms by Annie Besant & Charles Webster Leadbeater

Cryptoforest recently sent me a link to the intriguing Thought-Forms compiled by Annie Besant & Charles Webster Leadbeater published at the turn of last century by the Theosopihcal Society. I’ve not had much chance to delve into the writing, being as it is couched in the language of astral planes and etheric bodies dear to the Theosophists of that time. The illustrations contained within are excellent and cover the visual manifestations of sound vibrations, Cymatics and visual music.

Three general principles underlie the production of all thought-forms:

1. Quality of thought determines colour.
2. Nature of thought determines form.
3. Definiteness of thought determines clearness of outline.

Together the authors made occult investigations into the cosmos, the beginnings of mankind, chemistry and the constitution of the elements. The latter is taken up in another book Occult Chemistry.

Occult Chemistry proposes that the structure of chemical elements can be accessed through clairvoyant observations. The book consists both of coordinated and illustrated descriptions of presumed etheric counterparts of the atoms of the then known chemical elements, and of other expositions of occult physics.

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  1. Joost Rekveld writes:

    wow, thanks for the ‘occult chemistry’ link !
    That looks extremely interesting (and far out too…).

  2. paul writes:

    It does indeed. Hope to read some of the text soon…

    btw enjoyed your post on inorganic life in plasma crystals

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