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Analogue Miniature 15 – Danmcp

Eric Gjerde, star of the tessellating origami world, is doing a fantastic job of uploading the classics in the field of ornamental study as well as a new treat; the obscenely beautiful ‘Kunst-Formen der Natur’ by Ernst Haeckel. Haeckel’s masterpiece has probably been referenced at dataisnature more than any other book, indeed dataisnature is the proud owner of at least two copies! If you haven’t seem the wonderful geometric complexities of the radiolarians before, tiny creatures that live deep in the oceans, go and treat your eyes to a feast now!

More visual documentation comes by way of Insect54’s excellent Graphic Design Books set. Focusing heavily of colour, type and geometry, the pictures feature spreads from works by Wim Crouwel, Karl Martens & Jochen Stankowski. Inspirational.

Danmcp’s minature paper retro analogue sythns, keyboards and tape machines are gorgeous. Each is exquisitely crafted and exacted in splendid retrotechnicolor.

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  1. Eric Gjerde writes:

    I had no idea about the kind of crazy firestorm I was starting by posting this book online. What a response!

    I’m very pleased to see that my eclectic tastes in art and design are shared by others, and this is further motivation for me to track down and post more works…



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