Mark Napier – Permutations of a Monument

mark Napier - cyclops
Permutations of a Monument – Mark Napier

Permutations of a Monument is a set of recent works from Mark Napier that were shown at the Bitforms gallery earlier this year. Skyscrapers are deconstructed and reconstructed, in the Smoke software piece, into less linear and more organic compositions, almost melting while swaying. ‘Teetering on the line between organism and architecture, Smoke speaks to a morphological tension between static physical structures of power and those that are information-based’. The Cyclops series, on the other hand, evokes an organic hybrid futurism and cubism with a satisfying complexity and colour selection. ‘Named after the Cyclops, early artisans of Greek mythology, imagery in Napier’s recent prints metaphorically follow the birth, rise and fall of a being that lives and dies by its ability to fashion material forms.’

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