Flickr Fruits 6

Falling Start Light

Time to return to Reciprocity’s photograms of refractography. A new set, Taming Light declares it motives to be the control of light refraction through an assortment of coloured materials – a space where ‘the object itself becomes the lens of the camera’. This new set is more spacious than the previous works allowing for the composition of repeating motifs and galactic narratives. Reciprocity should be congratulated on forming tiny Blakean universes packed with imploded nebulae in these colourful works.

Airform has gathered some feasts from the past for the graphic eye. The Science Set contains a lovely diagram of convergent polarized light in crystals. The Maps, Charts and Diagrams Set might just be a treasure trove of possible oblique strategies for different kinds of (re) visualisation – signals and shapes to be re-appropriated into a different domain from their original signification – makes me want to look at the Tufte books again.

Using centripetal forces and gravity as a creative process Mtnrockdhh presents to us a set of subtle ribbon shapes, blurs and tangles – created by the documented Camera Toss technique (also known as Kinetic photography). Check out CameraToss for more examples and a primer for beginners in the field.

Apophysis, the freeware fractal flame editor for Windows, is, at times, capable of spitting out some excessively familiar fractal forms – Cindasl’s set, Totem Series, on the other hand, sits happily outside of the mundane. Linear iterations form interesting vertical structures – buildings and futurist skyscrapers appear from a mist.

4 Responses to “Flickr Fruits 6”

  1. Ryan Gallagher writes:

    Interesting confluence of events. I just started following this blog a couple weeks ago due to being linked to the ocilliscope art postings. And here I find you sharing, not only my work (Camera Toss), but that of my friend and collaborator Alan Jaras (Taming Light Set) in practically the same breath. Thanks for the great posts… I am really enjoying this blog and it’s subjects. Interesting that I am in collaboration with two out of the 3 people directly mentioned here. I’ll have to contact airform on flickr now. Thanks.

  2. paul writes:

    heh Ryan, thanks for dropping by, interesting you have a connection with Reciprocity over at Flickr, some great pictures both of you have. Its a small internet world, or i get around :)

  3. David Hull writes:


    I happened across your blog by searching my DNA on flickr, and see that you have blogged my camera toss set on flickr. Thanks kindly. See that Ryan has stopped by, and that you blogged Alan’s work, too…folks that I am in regular contact with. Great blog you’ve got going here, with all kinds of interesting info and links. I’ll be back to browse often. Best Regards,

  4. paul writes:

    eh david, thanks for the comments, and enjoy your stay at dataisnature :)

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