Oscilloscope Art – Part two

Altercations - Ray Sweeten
Double Well Trap – Rabinal

A continuation from the previous post:

Ramsay Stirling left a comment in the original post with a link to the work of Ray Sweeten who uses oscilloscopes in a real-time performance setting to maximum effect. Pulsating figure-of-eight glyphs freak-out to the harsh drone of a scuzzy saw tooth wave in the intense ‘Altercations’. There is a bunch of other Oscillator waveform works on his site to be explored.

Rabinal has a Flickr set called ‘Chaos’ which aside from the garishly coloured fractals contains some interesting waveform analysis pictures and oscillator graphs. Some nice descriptions too that sound tres sci-fi to the uninitiated, take for example ‘Double-well trap (phase plane)’ – its description contains the poetic annotation ‘A chaotic transient and trap orbit in the double-well electronic oscillator.’

Finally, a couple of virtual oscilloscopes if you want to play, Xoscope for Linux & Zelscope for windows

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  1. Ray Sweeten writes:

    Thank you for citing my work. Pleased to know someone cares! Mary Ellen Bute is a long time favorite of mine, and my premier of Altercations in her hometown of Houston at the Aurora Picture Show was in part a tribute to her. Also of note is John Whitney.

  2. u-sun writes:

    Also check out the visuals of Robin Fox, http://www.myspace.com/fox_robin who also uses Oscilliscopes.

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