Kekada Art

kekeda art

Dataisnature is taking a break from the cold English winter with a relocation to India, initially taking some time to relax and then in the New Year travelling through the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Now that I’ve located a wireless hub you may expect some intermittent posts drifting through. I have no intentions of mutating this space into a travel blog, however I will collect along the way examples of natural processes, art forms and artefacts that fit the DataisNature credo. An example being the ‘Kekada’ crabs and their sand ‘networks’ that collectively form large scale natural ‘artworks’ on the beaches here. The result is not too dissimilar something like Leonel Moura’s robot art workers in principle, who use colour as a ‘pheromone’ for a kind of pattern recognition to inform their movement and direction. In the case of the Kekada its more a case of the internal territorial/survival algorithm producing such a wonderful pattern in the sand.

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