Nervous States 2 – the DVD

left: Origami Butterfly Method – Jonathan MaCabe

Jonathon MaCabe has produced a DVD (PAL format) of his ‘Nervous States’ piece – a set of visualizations of the output states of small neural networks (recently featured here). John informed me that he will be giving away 10 copies of the work to the first 10 people to mail him at:

The terms could hardly be more agreeable and follow a generous and open philosophy. He grants the ‘right to copy and distribute the DVD, and to play it publicly and privately’

Elsewhere Jonathon has produced some other interesting work including his Origami Butterfly Method – a piece using genetic algorithms to search and “optimize” the space of possible fold sequences allowing for the generation of surfaces with textile like qualities with ornate patterns.

Jonathan McCabe is interested in theories of biological pattern formation and evolution and their application to computer art. He likes to write computer programs which measure statistical properties of images for use in artificial evolution of computer art.’

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