Subdivision Processes


Subdivision is the recursive process of dividing a shape into siblings and then dividing those sibling shapes further and so on. Micheal Hansmeyer uses this procedure to create exquisite 2d and 3d crystalline visualisations using Processing. The monochrome fractal lattices of the ‘Two-dimension Quads’ show up to 10 overlapping iterations of the process. By the time we get to the ‘Three-Dimensional Hybrid Subdivisions’ we find that ‘the shapes of the quads are determined not only by their parents, but also their parents neighbours’ and more specifically that ‘the extent to which parent’s neighbours influence the offspring is controlled through a series of weights’. These 3d forms appear less geometric and more abstracted than their 2d counterparts with tendon-like forms pulling on the surface to form creased skins – the final visualisation reveals Michaels intention for this set of sketches as a way for interior architectural conjecture.

Micheal Hansmeyer’s work has been featured on a previous post regarding algorithmic architecture here.

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  1. Capt. Kirk writes:

    FYI: “2d and 3d crystalline visualisations” link is broken.

    By the way, cool stuff.

  2. paul writes:

    cheers kirk, link is fixed thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Richard writes:

    This is really a great site.. I’m a painter who has never had much use for digital media, but I’ve just recently become interested in chaos, information theory, etc.. thanks for helping open my eyes

  4. paul writes:

    i used to be a painter years ago too – glad you like the site!

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