Flickr Fruits 3

bns_huberChaographie (detail) – _Bns

Continuing those derives through the Flickr labyrinth:

_Bns shows us some Chaographie’s where fragments of typography appear to form broken schemas and disjointed maps.

Maybe slightly off the beaten path for Dataisnature – and quite literally; is Lostamerica’s images of ghost towns and abandoned places which are taken with long exposures and illuminated with strobes and sodium vapour lights to great effect. Sets include an abandoned motel complex, a remote quicksilver mine and, best of all, an airplane bone yard.

Urban data’s ‘writing’ tractectory reveals the missing link between calligrams and grafitti/tagging. The process of the dripping ink adds a time-based process that also recalls the motion of the brush. Human data recorder.

Stephan Huber’s Trabantensplitter shows off some interactive generative studies that have a cool ‘printed’ quality about them. Great glitchey architectural facades & road-mark traceries. Bablefish translates Trabantensplitter to ‘Satellite fragment’ and we can only be happy.

Razorbern’s Geometry set contains abstractions of mostly architectural structures. Brought close into the frame they become flattened to reveal linear repetition and pattern. The facade pictures of Uruguay, Brazil and Hong Kong are particularly compelling, providing inspiration to space-filling algorithmists.

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