Further Processing

‘enerugii wa antee shite inai’ – Toxi

Further Processing, at the Kunstverein Medienturm in Graz, Austria, sees a round up of the latest and greatest works using everybody’s favorite open source generative software, Processing. The exhibition, opening on 23/09/06 and running through to the 25/11/2006 will see classic info visualizations such as Martin Wattenberg’s ‘Thinking Machine’ and Golan Levin’s ‘Dumpster’ positioned against the geometric abstractions of generative artists such as Lia and Toxi to name but a few. For those wanting a peek preview of the work involved check out the press download page. Elsewhere you will find developmental sketches & documentation on some of the artist’s flickr pages – stunning images for example at Toxi’s, Watz’s and Lia’s accounts. Further Processing is co-curated by Marius Watz and Sandro Droschl, director of Kunstverein Medienturm.

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Added Sept28th : see Marius’s more detailed posts on the show:
Further Processing, pt #1: Generative art & Further Processing, pt #2: Data art

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  1. Marius Watz writes:

    Thanks for blogging the show, Paul, I will post Flickr pictures in the next few days…

  2. paul writes:

    cool Marius, looking foward to seeing the pics!

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