Decibelio – Dataisnature heads off to Madrid

Won ABC, right: Esther Manas

This weekend (23,24 June) sees the arrival of a two day festival of experimental art and music in Madrid. Decibelio brings together an international spectrum of musicians, Vj’s, and visual/graffiti artists (see above) at the Macumba Club. The music renders heavily towards the experimental noise, electechno and break/hardcore beat end of the musical spectrum and features Pan Sonic, Funkstörung and Radium to name a few. The line up is excellent and the best part is that Decibelio has free admission all weekend.

A considerable amount of effort goes into organising this event and we have the brother’s Javier and Pablo Iglesias Algora to thank for that. Decebelio has far reaching tendrils outside of this festival – it also exists as an art & design magazine and framework for exhibitions and cultural raves!

I’ll be heading over along with Yesyesnonno to do some visuals for the show. See you there.

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  1. valerie writes:

    ejem….DEC-I-BELIO, not DEC-E-BELIO

  2. paul writes:

    corrected! :)

  3. Caleb writes:

    i’m really excited about this blog and will keep checking in. I got some good links off of you … sanch for instance!

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