SuperFormula 3d point two

Superformula 3d reconstructions from Sanch

Here’s an update to seemingly popular post on Johan Gielis’s concept of the Superformula used in the VVVV environment.

VVVV’er Sanch is now breaking the Supershape apart with his Destrukt series, metamorphosing its smooth organic contours into shards and strips in curved space. Elegant colour and shading treatment bring to the deconstruction an architectural space.

Rand also is exploring de/re/constructions of the Supershape with his Doyormula and SuperFormula sets. The lush earthly colours of the latter set are well balanced and nicely composed. These pictures lend themselves well to Rorschach-like pattern recognition too, at times revealing building structures with embedded mechanisms, even insectoid activity.

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