Living Architecture and Parametric Abstraction

TheVeryMany – Marc Fornes

From Supershapes via the Superformula (see previous post) to models of iterative superstructures and algorithmic architecture…

Theverymany embraces the organic in multiform as a basis for architectural conjecture. Marc Fornes site contains pictures of computational botany arrived at from using the Rhino3 prototyping software, ‘his current challenge is the development of the first Self-supported large scale Carbon Fibre Roof Shell (3500m2).’

Theverymany is, as its name suggests, a speculative look into the world of organic structures made up of very many parts. Structures grown through applying plant modelling mathematics to produce rich complex architectural structures.

Similar terrains can be explored at Biothing, featured at NatureisData before. A quick re-cap at Biothing reveals ‘SWELLS – A prototype for dense highrising cityscapes’ where cells on an undulating façade follow emergent patterns.

Michael Hansmeyers online Portfolio, ‘Algorithms in Architecture’ contains some rare gems. Aside from some glassy and ceramic-like virtual models there are some interesting parametric visualisations of GIS data. The results are painting-like surfaces with more than a dash of Abstract Expressionism and a hint of glitch. The images have no connection with the actual terrain such as land borders, instead only the non-spatial attributes, such as land value or use, are visualised.

Other sparks flying off the wheel include the Lattice House at Emergentarchitecture, a space-aged crystal proposition of a building; Interactivearchitecture, Ruairi Glynn’s all-encompassing blog on tangible and physical spatial experiences; Mr Watson, Karen Martin’s excellent blog on the ‘integration of sensors, communications networks, display technologies, smart materials and microcomputers into the physical space’ The latter two are connected with Bartlett Architecture School with traces us back to the Computing for Emergent Architecture blog and all its tendrils.

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