Flickr Fruits.

Series d, #5 – David Lu

I’ve been bookmarking Flickr collections over the last 6 months or so, here’s a selection pertaining to the subjects touched upon and loved by Dataisnature.

Jeoqubik’s Abstracts – which contain some nice MAX/MSP generative glitchwork such as Gelk16

Brevity’s 50 People See – resulting from a piece of specially written software that blends Flickr images which share the same tags.

YSOA 881a’s Cluster of computational/architectural schemas and models.

Flight404’s Videospiralfeedback.

Stephen Huber’s Livevideorotating – a set of blurred video vortex’s.

Drupels Videofeedback – contains a sequence of classic analogue video feedback species.

Eric Gjerde’s Origami – a huge repository containing pictures of fine handcrafted origami geometries and tessellations.

Dahveed’s Series a-d – a hybrid of computational and traditional sketches.

Sincretic’s No.Dsgn – Glitchy textures with an anti-design aesthetic.

Dodeckahedrons Things arranged – The interplay of arrangement.

Flikr’s Computer – A set of particle/attractor visualisations made with Agony – a drawing program. Also check out Zoom colour and Patterns.

Other oddities and curiosities include The Secret Art of Graffiti Removal, Arbortecture (Plants growing out of buildings) and the Camera Toss pool.

7 Responses to “Flickr Fruits.”

  1. antmaper writes:

    cool, look this patterns


  2. vade writes:

    You always find the really nice stuff. Thanks.

    PS, is your Talysis DVD out?

  3. paul writes:

    heh vade, thankx, the DVD’s are ready, just working on the packaging side of things so will wing you one over soon as. Got other projects wrestling for attention! btw enjoying your new work, particularly the ‘ink’ grabs

  4. Joe Gilmore writes:

    Hi, thanks for the Flickr mention (Joequbik), nice one! What’s the DVD you’re releasing? Like the blog, very interesting / inspirational.

  5. paul writes:

    thanx joe, DVD contains the output from a series of patches made using VVVV patches with generative video feedback

  6. Fell writes:

    Nice finds, always appreciate the stuff here!

  7. kirino writes:

    Really nice finds. Thanks you harvested them for us :-)

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