Data Vapour 100506

GXtour & recursiveType
GXtour – Marius Watz + Phonophani

Postings, as you may have noticed, have slowed a little at Dataisnature due to other things going on outside of the computer screen, things will speed up again in the next few days – heres another stream of vapour:

Marius continues to inspire us with his enormous productivity and good work. Recently returning from the Generator.X audio-visual tour in Tromsø he is now at OFFF in Barcelona with the other Proce55ing heavyweights putting on workshops, while in between he launches another blog, Code and Form! The blog aims at documenting his teaching and will be a good resource for Proce55ing disciples no doubt.

Ilikegravity, ‘Accounts from real space’ is a blog annotating design ideas, concepts and experiments. Catching my eye are the Recursive Type experiments – you can see a video of the drawing process here, and 20seconds_Drawn_AM_Rain, where the drawing is the result of a sound visualisation (enlarged drawing here) – both sets of works are done in Flash using Actionscript.

RAP, or the Robot Action Painter is the first robot artist who can sign his/her own work! Leonard Moura’s latest creation ‘produces it’s own paintings based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, it decides when the work is ready and signs in the right bottom corner with its distinctive signature. While Moura’s Robot’s work emulates the paintings of Jackson Pollock with an obvious reference in its name, others are happily working in the opposite direction, unlocking the fractal algorithms of Pollock’s famous drip paintings.

Seen is an excellent new blog from Rand, navigating an almost identical trajectory as DataisNature. Documenting a familiar and exciting terrain and containing all the usual suspects both past and present. Highlighted snippets include posts on Lillian Schwartz, The Vasulkas as well as grabs of Rand’s own personal VVVV experiments.

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  1. rand writes:

    cheers for the props – nopw i gotta find some time to make some posts!!!!

  2. Rob Myers writes:

    I think AARON used to sign its drawings for a while in the 1980s, but that’s when it was drawing with a flatbed plotter rather than a turtle.

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