Pleats, Twists and Sliceforms

Orange and Blue Sliceform – Richard Sweeny

Richard Sweeny makes exquisite geometric scultpures from paper, metal and synthetic materials. Check out his Flickr set of paper sculptures that are immaculately composed as if they were architectural structures. The play of light give the impression that they could equally have been made of code! His website has some interesting Sliceforms that utilise rapid prototyping to reproduce models from 3D rendering software :

‘Sliceforms comprise several interlocking sheets intersecting at right angles to create forms that suggest three dimensionality’.

5 Responses to “Pleats, Twists and Sliceforms”

  1. bartholomeus writes:

    I was really fascinated by this work. fantastic!

    I posted about it on my blog:

    and of coarse made a link to this site.


  2. Eric Gjerde writes:

    I’ve got deep love for Richard Sweeney’s work. I’m very happy to see it linked here. He’s got an amazing talent.

  3. miranda writes:

    thanks for showing, beautiful things.

  4. asteronimo writes:

    I got so excited by the subject that I wrote some software to create sliceforms myself with the computer.

    It’s a plugin for the free Google SketchUp software, you can find it at Public Art International’s website:

  5. Dany Beath writes:

    That s butiful art . Igot interested is origomie in the 5th grade

    p.s Im a horribal speller sorry.

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