Central Control

Central Control – Pete Gomes

Those familiar with the many wonderful provinces of South London will know of the curiously named Elephant & Castle, a district and road intersection that is home to a strange metal cladded building/structure that sits mysteriously on the main roundabout.

Filmmaker Pete Gomes used the building as a focal point for a film he made called Central Control – of it he says:

‘People suffering from delusional behaviour in South London have referred to the large silver box structure sited on Elephant and Castle roundabout, as being a focal point for them, believing that it works as a control centre delivering them messages.

The film Central Control examines the location, as a man begins to explain how and where he first started to hear the voices in his head, whenever he was near the building. ‘

I was lucky enough to meet Pete at Wilfrieds Crystalpunk workshop last year and he showed Central Control among other films there. You can get the chance to see Central Control this Friday as part of ‘Late at the Tate’, Tate Gallery, London. Recently Pete informed me that he has reworked elements of the film and so, in essence, this is really the premier of the film. A must see.

ps. I’m not going to ruin things by letting you know what the building really houses I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Be sure to check out Pete’s other experimental film works at Mutant Film.

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