ManyFolds in Variety

Leave Variations – Azuma Hideaki

Take a break from code for a minute and have a look at some exquisite paper constructions by AZUMI Hideaki. ManyFolds in Variety is an origami site but you won’t find too many swans, bears or cranes competing for your attention here, instead you will find mathematical abstractions formed in space tasting of constructivism. Most are iteratively constructed with a nod in the direction of classic mathematical models. All right, so some do refer to real objects occasionally – take for example these leave variations; using a single sheet of paper the sequence of transformed creases reveals beauty in form as well as subtle colour graduation.

The explanatory fold diagrams that accompany the constructions are works of art in them selves.

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  1. Fubiz writes:


  2. Eric Gjerde writes:

    Azuma-san’s work is endlessly fascinating- following the line of thought is sometimes challenging, sometimes inspiring.

    Actually folding his ideas into reality is often quite an amazing process, and leads to interesting shapes and designs that you would never have thought of before.

    Thanks for bringing some well-deserved attention to his work.


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