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Srvl_77 – Karl Klomp

Karl Klomp is fascinated with what he calls ‘hyperkinetic audio visuals’ – this he attains through video circuit bending, video interruption, hardware interfacing and programming.

It seems much of his glitch output, and very tasteful it is too, comes via repurposing video mixers or even burning DVD’s with ‘impossible bitrates’ for challenged DVD players to read – a great concept indeed.

Check out the stills page – where you can find some nice circuit-bent playing fields (srvl_77) and some glossy prints courtesy of a second hand video printer (Sony CVP-M1E) bought for €7,50 with extra cartridge and paper!

Karl is also one half of the VJ and live cinema performance act Totek, based in the Netherlands.

4 Responses to “Karl Klomp glitch”

  1. karl writes:

    hyperkinetic audio visuals? What about: “gritch“. I’m still wondering what the correct definition would be. One thing is clear for me, it isn’t the humiliating and incorrect word: Glitch-alike, by Iman.
    What’s your comment?

  2. paul writes:

    heh, karl thanx for dropping by…. y’know i like the wording on your site – ‘hyperkinetic audio visuals’!

    Allthough grinch is good word too as explained via the link you added:

    ‘Interestingly, this word seems to have a separate history from glitch, with which it is often confused. Back in the early 1960s, when `glitch’ was strictly a hardware-tech’s term of art, the Burton House dorm at M.I.T. maintained a “Gritch Book”, a blank volume, into which the residents hand-wrote complaints, suggestions, and witticisms. Previous years’ volumes of this tradition were maintained, dating back to antiquity. The word “gritch” was described
    as a portmanteau of “gripe” and “bitch”. Thus, sense 3 above is at least historically incorrect.

  3. Joe writes:

    Hi does anyone know how to get in contact with karl? can’t find anything on his website. Joe

  4. Recyclism writes:

    you can e-mail me and I’ll give it to you directly (we are part of a collective called http://www.deponk.com )



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