William R. Olson – Spacelike Tessellations of Tetrahedrons

Spacelike Tetrahedral Tessellations – William R. Olson

If by chance you’re on the look out for complex crystalline tetrahedral structures send a exploratory probe over to pimeson.com where you’ll find a fantastic array of exotic tetrahedrons – all existing as 3 dimensional models as well interactive applets. Those of inquisitive nature will be happy to read the paper accompanying these models and learn how tetrahedrons can be used to model quantized space-time lattices. The work reminds us of the geometric metaphysical ponderings of Buckmister Fuller, notably his Synergetics. Be sure to check out the Projections of Light cone Tessellations too where familiar ornamental tilings, like those in Moorish art, appear out of the complex intersections. ConeM is a work of art in itself, oscillating somewhere between map of cyberspace and a schematic of mutated soap bubble.

For more exotic geometries head here.

Spacelike tesselations via origamitesselations

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