Dandelions part 2

Les Pissenlits – Edmond Couchot and Michel Bret

Following up on my dandelion post from a few weeks ago, I have several additions.

Guilherme informs us of the work Les Pissenlits by Edmond Couchot and Michel Bret which was featured in last year’s festival Arborescence whose particular theme was “Natural/Digital”.

‘In this interactive work, 9 umbels of dandelion are gently scattered by a virtual breeze corresponding to the real breath that the spectator directs to the screen; seeds detached themselves, then, fly away and fall down slowly. New umbels grow again ready to undergo the puff of a new interaction.’

Karen brings to our attention ‘Blowing Gently’ by Antenna Design (Click on installations) where a soap bubble is the object of interaction. Like the aforementioned installations this work actuates nostalgic childhood memories. This time bubbles grow into male and female mannequins that float off into space.

Pusteblume (Blowball) is an interactive installation where a camera tracking system translates the viewers movement in to a ‘wind’ that carries the seeds away to make new plants grow. There is a Proce55ing applet that’s acts as a simulation of the installation.

Finally Beuro fuer diverses reports on ‘a small exhibition about artificial life’ which also features this archetype of interaction

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  1. regine writes:


  2. Mike writes:

    Thanks for the update. I wonder what kind of visualizations would be possible with a midi breath controller. Breath seems a natural interface selection for directing natural systems.

  3. paul writes:

    heh mike thanks for the pointer, the midi breath controller could come in handy for a future project. On another note, I expect to see an exquisite visualisation of pranayama in the not to distant future! :)

  4. Kuja writes:

    Hey, Paul! Thanks for the mention! Give you a feed-back in no time.

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