Landscape futures

The City as Avatar of Itself – Olivo Barbieri

Many have already pointed out that Bldgblog contains some of the most interesting posts and beautiful photographic finds in the blogosphere. As the tagline proclaims this blog navigates the new edge of ‘architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures’.

Scrolling down the menu of articles we find ‘The city as avatar of itself’ where stunning photographs of landscapes proposition its inhabitants and buildings as tiny, but detailed, scaled models using a special tilt-shift lens. The particular works in the article are by Olivo Barbieri, however checking the comments reveals that many more have adopted this compelling style.

Elsewhere we find an entry on a dataisnature favourite, Stan Brakhage, then there’s the strange pictures of self similar neighbourhoods, soil maps of Asia and a ‘Natural history of mirrors’. With this kind of blogging action you know you’re in the right place.

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  1. mike writes:

    Toni Halfensheid’s work is similar in a lot of ways.

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