Talysis by Paul Prudence
Talysis I – Paul Prudence

Here are some stills from Talysis – a short film I made for the Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture held in Utrecht, Holland in Autumn 2005. The film explored elements self-organisation and crystallisation – autocatalytic replication and recursive symmetry using digital video feedback.

Its navigates the possibility of a sentient geometry to produce a stream of geometric archetypes; a collective unconscious for emergent dynamical systems; a video feedback language system for pattern recognition.

2 Responses to “Talysis”

  1. brad writes:

    Is there a specific reason why you haven’t posted videos of this work?

  2. paul writes:

    heh brad,
    well… yeah there are a few things holding me back right at this moment, most importantly im still working on a final edit with sound/music of my own composition. The current DVD is a cut intended for installation and demonstration of certain ideas. I felt the need to document the stage im at with it right now.
    The second issue is one of bandwidth (i am limited with my current hosting set-up to some degree and im still undecided on the codec and format of an online version) I expect to have a final DVD ready for consumption by the end of Feb, around that time i will also have an online version to look at too.

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