Lektrolab /: Microtel.

Lektrolab practice the alchemical art of circuit bending, game cartridge hacking and, as one of their workshops tells us, making images with obsolete computers. Their latest project, Microtel invites you to become a participate in a collective art piece utilising the Teletext protocol, a system which encodes extra information in analogue TV signals originating in the UK in the 70’s and becoming popular in the 80’s.

‘Teletext uses the VBI part of the television broadcast signal. VBI stand for the vertical blanking interval – the portion of the broadcast TV signal occupied by Teletext and other data streams.’

Graphics are limited but retro-safe, basic colours radiate 8bit photons. A submissions page is available at the site for inspiration. Residents of the Netherlands can view Microtel on their TV’s during 25 January – 5 February 2006.

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  1. crasher writes:

    oh-ho, its like
    ANSI ART !!

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