Julie Mehretu – Psychogeographic paintings

Babel Unleased – Julie Mehretu

Check out the complex layered schematics of Julie Mehretu’s drawings – there are references to architecture, calligraphy and her personal imaginary future-past landscapes. The results are detailed amorphous and energetic diagrams sometimes recalling visualisations of networked digital environments and the architecture of inner/cyber/hyperscapes.

From Metascape, a group exhibtion that featured visionary and real topographic explorations at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Summer 2003, comes this:

‘Julie Mehretu tackles the infrastructure of the constructed world, imploding and exploding fragments of the real and imagined into a frenzied maelstrom of information.

Mehretu refers to these vortexes of energy as “psychogeographic paintings”.

Also see Layering Chaos.

4 Responses to “Julie Mehretu – Psychogeographic paintings”

  1. Marius Watz writes:

    Nice catch, Paul. It reminds me of being in awe of Lebbeus Woods and his “architecture of anti-gravity”.

  2. jmorrison writes:

    this style is fast becoming a “movement.” julie mehretu’s work is gorgeous. the others in “layering chaos” are decent as well. the “master” of this style, to my mind, remains matthew ritchie however.

  3. paul writes:

    yeah Marius, Lebbeus Woods…. stunning work for sure, thanks for reminding us of these fantastic works

  4. paul writes:

    wow those matthew ritchie works are great too, somehow combining something very structural with the formlessness of automatic writing. Thanks for dropping by.

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