Having a weblog for the last year has meant quite few things to me. It’s a repository to store my thoughts and record the shapes of my digital derives. It allows me to document mostly specialized content for the attraction of like-minds – after all, who else in Lewisham, Sarf-East London is into this stuff?

Like an autocatalytic data crystal this blog has self-generated connections with nodes of like sentiments (see X.dataspace and evolving hub of links). It has also brought me into physical contact with some of those behind the blogs allowing me to transcend blog territory.

Analogue Digital Design has a post on Blogs as a Research Tool and I agree with its arguments.

Thanks for reading! And keeping interest in Dataisnature!

7 Responses to “DataIsNatureIsOne”

  1. Jared Tarbell writes:

    Thank you Paul for DataIsNature! It’s better than breakfast cereal!

  2. paul writes:

    thanx jared, :)

  3. Tom writes:

    Better than breakfast cereal, indeed. When I run out of milk, I can still read Dataisnature. Blessed!

    See you at dorkbot I hope – although it’s changed to a Monday now, take note!

  4. paul writes:

    nice one Tom! :) I’ll be at Dorkbot for sure (thanks for the up(date))

  5. Paul writes:

    Thanks for DIS as well :) I’m from west london not quite SE lol But I love things like this is there much stuff like this on in london I wonder!

  6. paul writes:

    Cheers paul, There are certainly events that celebrate such creativity in London – keep your eye out DisN for some things comming up soon

  7. Joe Bell writes:

    Just found your blog, good stuff. I never heard of Hans Jenny before now, and I’m looking forward to following up. I’m based in Camberwell and am interested in this stuff!

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