Selected Tweets #26 – Gridcollages, Chalcopyrite & The Music of Trains

Danny WillsCultivating the Map – Danny Wills

Selected tweets from @MrPrudence

Torvaianica – Josef Dabernig [1984] Translating the Torvaianica in Lazio via a² + b² = c² to create data notations.

Glossolalie 61 and other graphic Scores – Dieter Schnebel.

Fascialis 20% @wblut is re/deconstructing 3D anatomy.

Rento Van Drunen’s Gridcollages – abstract renditions of complex geometries & spatial modularities.

Modular geometric transforms of a plan system – Walter Netsch [Progressive Architecture 54 April 1973].

The Burning Ship Fractal discovered by way of Rossler Attractors and El Naschie’s ‘undisciplined numerological’ E-infinity theory.

“Let us Calculate!”: Leibniz, Llull, and the Computational Imagination.

Philly Area Highways – 1972. Design constraints and stylisations of map making expressed as Mondrian-isms.

FascialisFascialis – Frederik Vanhoutte

Cultivating the Map – Danny Wills. ‘Proposing that the map is also a generative tool.’

Iron Flowers, Noir Gardens – Stallating icosahedral polyhedra in monochromatic real-time.

The immense proto-brutalist neo-Gothic architecture of Hans Poelzig.

Roberto Calbucci’s studies for comic abstraction based on Martin Heidegger’s ‘The Concept of Time.’

“The fetishization of indeterminacy in the guise of a sort of complexity porn.”

Plates from The Principles of Light and Color – Edwin D. Babbitt [1878].

Score for PR–IVIII (A graphic score of cartoon sound-landscapes ) and other graphic notaion by Bogus?aw Schaeffer.

Paramecium multimicronucleata from ‘Protozoology’ – Richard Kudo [1939].

Glossolalie 61 - Dieter SchnebelGlossolalie 61 – Dieter Schnebel

Aerial tuning inductor – Rugby Radio Station, 1943-1966. Unintentional pataphysical sculpture.

Fluorite with Quartz and Chalcopyrite and other Illustrations – Arthur Smith. [1952]

The Music of Trains? Dovetailing of Train Movements, found in Graphic Presentation – W Brinton [1939].

Plates from ‘Desmids [green algae] of the United States’– Francis Wolle [1892].

Hand-painted manuscript globe of Mars – Emmy Ingeborg Brun, Denmark, [1909].

Amanita – Vic Atkinson (1974) Mushrooms + insects + cosmic library music.

Score for Kosmic Music – Wadada Leo Smith [2008].

Not a medieval alchemical diagram but a schema on optics for lighthouse engineering.

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