Günter Haese – Antenna Wired for Air Vortex Transmissions

 Günter HaeseChronos – Günter Haese [2004]

In Günter Haese’s Chronos [2004] an array of radio antenna appear to be wired for aeolian transmissions. Carried to their receivers by micro bifurcating air vortexes the turbulent noise of air flow is the signal in this instance. In the cubic lattice of Kalogo [1999] an freeze frame animatronic of photons appear to be propagating through a crystal slowed down by a factor of a trillion seen through a compound eye. Yoshiwara II [1972] appears to be a point cloud materialized, but sagging under the weight of its own indifference to the environment and its audience.

German artist Günter Haese made a little over 400 hundred fragile mobile kinetic sculptures from brass wire, cogwheels, coils and clock springs in his lifetime. His wireframes of vibrating constellations and quivering parts were powered entirely by the flow of air. In Golf [1997] it’s clear to see the Paul Klee influences that Hasse was keen to mention in his work, but there are also strong hints of Duchamp enclosed inside this cubic trap.

 Günter HaeseGolf – Günter Haese [1997]

 Günter Haese Quirin – Günter Haese [2012]

 Günter HaeseResponsa – Günter Haese [1965]

 Günter Haese Janus – Günter Haese [1992]

 Günter HaeseKalogo – Günter Haese [1999]

 Günter HaesePinkus – Günter Haese [unknown]

 Günter HaesePokos – Günter Haese [unknown]

 Günter HaesePythagoras – Günter Haese [1997]

 Günter HaeseTransit – Günter Haese [1993]

 Günter HaeseYoshiwara II – Günter Haese [1992]

 Günter HaeseBaghdad – Günter Haese [1965]

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