Software wants to loop forever

Software wants to loop forever

‘Software is engaged in the survival of the loopest. Each version of a script when first executed can turn out to be a Wild Type’

‘The WHILE loop is notorious for breaking scripts because, unlike the FOR loop, is does not need to contain a point of termination in its declaration. What Jack kerouac said of the moon, the programmer can say of bottomless recursion: it’s the sad face of infinity and every computer when programmed wrong can tumble into its abyss.’

Socialfiction poeticizes the computer loop in all its metaphysiqu̩s Рyet another excellent communiqu̩ from the seed of Crystalpunk.

Of course Nature’s Akashic super computer does recursion too but breaks out of the loop before crashing out via impossible sub-molecular insplittability. Or does it?

What do you mean? is responded with “What do you mean what do I mean?” which is then further responded back with “What do you mean ‘What do you mean what do I mean?’?” – this can clearly go on forever, although it is unclear how many iterations can be meaningful…

A little while-loop back I wrote an introduction to recursive botany. It’s a primer on how to make nature with data using recursive loops in Flash (although the principles are common to all programming dialects).

‘Recursive functions come on a bit anarchy if we remove the condition for prohibiting self reflection or allow the recursion to go on for too long thereby bullying Flash into surrendering with a Script Timeout error. We can actually change the ‘scriptLimit’ and maximum recursion depth, but do it your own peril (or pleasure).’

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  1. borjo writes:

    flash frame loops offer the possibility for a looping algorithm without timeout constraints. they are like a while function without a termination clause. by carefully (or haphazardly) placing recursing variables in the calculation of each circle of computation on can experiment with often beautifully chaotic results.

  2. paul writes:

    thanx borjo – do you have any examples of using frame cycles as opposed to programmatic loops?

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