Selected Tweets #24: Aural Topographies, Byzantine Vaults, Cybernetic Notation

Max NeuhausMax Neuhaus: Sound Works [1994]

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream @MrPrudence:

Max Neuhaus: Sound Works [1994]. Drawings, sound poems, aural topographies [PDF]

The Time of Roland Kayn’s Cybernetic Music – Thomas Patterson [PDF]

Animated musical notation/scores using algorithmic processes for rule based composition – Ryan Ross Smith.

The Cybernetic Brain, Sketches of Another Future – Andrew Pickering [PDF].

Hyper-geological structures generated with X-Gen by Lee Griggs. Elongated cubes en masse on mesh.

Adaption_KayneAdaption – Roland Kayne [1972-1974]

Deconstructions and extensions of human forms using growth algorithms – Cen Pekdemir.

Processing particle sketches revealing refractive geologies – 414c45’s Emergence set

Jole de Sanna on the Metaphysical Mathematics of de Chirico’s paintings [PDF, translated].

Mathematical surface models and other sculpted and knitted surfaces – Alexander Crum Brown [1900].

William Turner’s Perspective Diagrams at Socks Studio. Pedagogical diagrams as visual aids for Turner’s lectures.

Alexander_Crum_Brown Surface – Alexander Crum Brown [1900]

Plates from Auguste Choisy’s ‘L’Art de bâtir chez les Byzantins’ [PDF]. Geometrical construction of Byzantine vaults.

A New Elucidation of Colours – James Sowerby [1809].

Color Problems: A Practical Manual – Emily Vanderpoel [1903].

The Commander’s Radiation Guide & other fission fragment fallout decay slide-rules.

James-SowerbyPlate from A New Elucidation of Colours – James Sowerby [1809]

Aerial tuning inductor – Rugby Radio Station, 1943-1966.

12-minute Mandelbrot Fractals on a 50 year old IBM 1401 Mainframe – Ken Shirriff.

Xenakis’s Spatialised Music – ‘Meta order’ from chaotic systems.

Richard Giblett’s Architectural Algorithms. Axonometric projections of over developed dystopias.

Geometric ruleset drawings with Rorshach symmetries – Laura Battle.

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