Selected Tweets #22: Sonic Cosmogonies, Sculptural Cartography, Aeolian Speculation….

Noclip Urban Blocks - AlephographNoclip Urban Blocks – Alephograph

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream @MrPrudence [Oct 2013 – April 2014], with occasional addition annotations:

Magical-contamination collects and curates microbiological aesthetics and bacteriopoetics.

Mechanical Seizure – Minsu Kim. Bio-geometric space of electronic components simulates ‘life-like impressions.’

Drawing Machine – Robert Twomey. Precision-controlled CNC device programmed to ‘draw’ technical diagrams.

Typestracts – Dom Sylvester Houédard. Concrete poetry from the ‘cosmic typewriter’ of a Benedictine monk.

Drawing Machine – Robert TwomeyDrawing Machine – Robert Twomey

Xenakis Polytopes: Cosmogonies in Sound and Architecture. Architectural diagrams & mathematical notation.

Tintinnabuli Mathematica – Guy Burkin is programming Arvo Pärt’s Tintinnabuli method. Listen here.

Magnetophone – Aaron Sherwood. Sound sculpture uses electromagnetic fields to generate guitar drones.

An Acoustic Lyrical Mechanism – Basmah Kaki. Speculative therapeutic Aeolian mechanism situated in an Indian quarry.

magicalContaminationMagical Contamination

Graphic scores of Leon Schidlowsky
– who experimented with tonal concepts. (atonal, aleatorical & graphic notation)

The Impossible Music of Black Midi
– midi compositions comprising of several millions notes. A nihilistic hedonism of musical notation!

Sculptural Cartography
: How the Marshall Islands inhabitants used stick charts to map the waves.

Time of the Empress – Aziz + Cucher. Multiscreen architectures ‘rise into ruin’ after being built.

Mechanical Seizure – Minsu KimMechanical Seizure – Minsu Kim

Greg Smith on Mathew Biederman’s Serial Mutations. Necker cubes, isometric illusion & crystallographic indeterminacy

Gaudism – Echoechonoisenoise. Generative/handmade hybrid process to create organic & alien centenary structures.

Noclip Urban Blocks & Colocation Blocks. Isometric fragmentations from Alephograph

The Metropolis of Tomorrow – Hugh Ferriss [1929]. Future of the city: Monolithic skyscrapers and rooftop aerodromes.

One City – Will InsleyOne City – Will Insley

Onecity: Non Utopian Monumental City – Will Insley’s drawings/plans/collages of an immense imaginary city.

Sonia Sheridan was worshiping the glitch in 1982 with EASEL & Cromemco Z2D – Stretching the Grid.

N-light Membrane – Numen. Deforming recursive reflections via flexible foil membranes

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