Selected Tweets #21: Anechoic Abstractions, Hierarchical Microarchitectures & Programmable Matter

500 Years Away - Adam Ferriss 500 Years Away – Adam Ferriss

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: @MrPrudence

Dividierend Series – Deskriptiv. Rendered silicate-like objects with subdivided textured surfaces.

500 Years Away – Adam Ferriss. Pixel sorting algorithms create structural reconfigurations of astrophysical imagery.

Doilies – Laura Splan. Computerized machine embroidered lace doilies modeled on viruses.

Anechoic abstractions – photographs of an anechoic radio chamber in Denmark by Alastair Philip Wiper

Invasive-Species_Dillon-MarshInvasive Species – Dillon Marsh

Minimal/abstract music notation [1960’s] from composer of Chance/Fluxus music, and Cage student, Toschi Ichiyanagi.

Creating Civilizations – Robert Strati’s architectural/mathematical/notational schematic fictions.

Invasive Species – Dillon Marsh. Photographs of disguised cell phone tower encroachment.

Erosion Series – Tamsin Van Essen. Monochromatic ceramic designs simulating biological erosion and viral infection.

Narrative Cities – Thien K. Nguyen. Gridded Urban systems stretched & morphed by ‘narratives into absurdities.’

The-Grand-Canyon_3_May_1973The Grand Canyon, 3 May 1973 – Landsat

When the Earth Began Looking at Itself: the Landsat Program – cartography & Earth sciences in 1972.

Hierarchical Microarchitectures – Noorduin et al. Manipulated chemical gradients generate organic growth in crystals.

Convozine on Etienne-Louis Boullee’s Memorial to Newton. Arquitectura en Dibuixos Exemplars continues the utopian architectonic spheromania.

The Territory of the Virtually Unknown. Dpr-barcelona explores extremities of architecture in the North & South poles.

Sol LeWitt: Four Basic Kinds of Straight Lines (PDF) [1969] compositions/lines defined by mathematical permutations.

dividierend-04Dividierend – Deskriptiv

Pulse – a suspended digitally fabbed sculpture of Ursula Major and 3d printed Mobius Strips – works by Andrew F. Scott.

Proto-computing – Mitchell Whitelaw interviews Ralf Baecker on ‘programmable matter’, proto-computational materiality & universal machines.

‘Please do not wiggle its frequency control, as you might inadvertently discover a new musical vocabulary’ – Mark Fell on the epiphanies of technological constraint.

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