Selected Tweets #20: Voxel Accretions, Logic Crystals & the Algorithmic Origins of Life

Nerve_Cells_CajalNerve Cells – Ramón y Cajal at Wunderkammer

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: MrPrudence

RockGrowth RG5 & RockGrowth RG8 – Arik Levy. Polished mirror crystal sculptures.

Hagströmerbibliotekets Wunderkammer library of Medico-Historical illustrations. Botanical, Anatomical & Biological woodcuts, lithographs & prints.

Fluid simulation with pseudo Turing reaction diffusion [WebGL] – Felix Woitzel.

Accretor – Driessens & Verstappen. Accretion of small cubical voxels to generate 3D printed sculptures.

Game Of Life Extrusions – Paul Slocum. Baroque Lego-like constructions generated from Cellular Automata algorithms.

Taking Measures Across the American Landscape – James Corner & Alex Mclean. Map drawings & aerial schematics.

Creating Civilizations – Robert Strati. Architectural/mathematical/notational schematic fictions.

taking-measures-across-the-american-landscape-by-james-corner-and-alex-mcleanTaking Measures Across the American Landscape – James Corner & Alex Mclean


The Algorithmic Origins of Life – Walker & Davies [PDF]. On transitional DNA info systems as catalyst to emergence of life.

Fractal Cities: Geometry of Form/Function – Batty & Longley [PDF]. Urban self-similar morphologies.

Ars Combinatoria – Janet Zwelig. Mystical Systems, Procedural Art and the Computer.

Crystal Clear: Christine Wertheim interviews Shea Zellweger on logic alphabets & the crystallography of logic.

Ten Questions Concerning Generative Computer Art – Jon McCormack, Oliver Bown, Alan Dorin, Jonathan McCabe, Gordon Monro & Mitchell Whitelaw [PDF]. What’s it like to be a computer that makes art?

RockGrowth_RG5_Arik_LevyRockGrowth RG5 – Arik Levy

Minimal Surfaces as Self Organizing Systems – Vlad Tenu [PDF] Particle surfaces & tensegrity structures.

The Stone As A Witness Of Time – Rohip Gupta. ‘The etched memory of every single diurnal rotation of the planet’

Anthology of Chance Operations (1963) [PDF]. Chance operations, indeterminacy improvisation, diagrams and scores.

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