Gravity is the Insidious Enemy of the Animate

Halo3 Screenshot - ThosHalo3 Screenshot – Thos

In 2007, gamer forum user Thos posted stills from a game of Halo 3 generated by a corrupt X-box. The sense of space and perspective is reconfigured through erroneous z-indexing and extreme texture scaling. Familiar buildings and vehicles are deconstructed to cubist extremities so that the rules of the game take on a more exploratory mode of interaction [also see previous post].

Halo3 Screenshot - ThorHalo3 Screenshot – Thos

drawing_woodsDrawing – Lebbeus Woods

These auto-destructive renderings of anomalous landscapes might by compared to the celebrated drawings of Lebbeus Woods. Woods’s broken and shattered façades, albeit elegantly composed, mock the Modernist ideal of an architectural utopia. His roboid skyscrapers half-eaten by parasitic substructures are viruses and program execution errors in the world of ‘established’ architecture.

Halo3 Screenshot - ThorHalo3 Screenshot – Thos

Sarajevo_Scar_woodsSarajevo Scar – Lebbeus Woods

Halo3 Screenshot - ThorHalo3 Screenshot – Thos

aero_livinglab_woodsAero Livinglab [detail] – Lebbeus Woods

The title of this post is a quote by Lebbeus Woods.

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