Selected Tweets #19 – Dystopian Hyper-Fiction, Spaceplates & Bitrot Protected Visual Poetry

Ground Plan - Ned ScottGround Plan – Ned Scott

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: MrPrudence with occasional annotation additions.

The War Rooms – Ned Scott. Hyper science-fictional dystopian drawings [after the Energy War of 2050].

Spaceplates – Anne Romme + N55’s customizable tessellated greenhouse system.

Susanne Kathlen Mader’s Geometrical Natures – abstract spaces & dimensions informed by de Stijl and Constructivism.

SpaceplatesSpaceplates – Anne Romme & N55

Susanne Kathlen MaderGeometrical Natures – Susanne Kathlen Mader

The Skor Codex Book [PDF]. La Société Anonyme’s encoded schematics and visual bitrot protected poetry:

‘The SKOR Codex is a printed book which was sent to different locations on earth in the year 2012 containing binary encoded image and sound files selected to portray the diversity of life and culture at the Foundation for Art and Public Domain (SKOR), and is intended for any intelligent terrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find it. The files are protected from bitrot, software decay and hardware failure via a transformation from magnetic transitions on a disk to ink on paper, safe for centuries.’

SpaceplatesThe Fog – Espen Dietrichson

Espen Dietrichsons drawings combine analytical/geometrical elements to fragment images into abstract units.

Edo 6, Alhambra & Script – Toni Davey’s burnt/cut/lasered minimal geometric paper configurations.

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