Electroplastique – Marius Watz

Electroplastique – Marius Watz

ElectroPlastique1 grows organic undulations of nodes to produce a kind of watery landscape. Once manifested the landscape reduces itself to a sentient skeleton mesh finally to break into shards of colour – splinter vectors.

The inspiration comes from the extraordinary work of the Op-Artist Victor Vasarely and the piece itself, a 4 screen installation made with Proce55ing, was produced for the Territoires Electroniques festival at Le Fondation Vasarely.

‘A regular grid is deformed and then used as the basis of a series of organic abstract systems that evolve over time (5 minutes). Due to the panoramic format of the 4-screen projection, the impression is much like a landscape. In the end the grid is exploded and disappears, hinting at a non-Cartesian vector’

I’ve been a big fan of Marius Watz’s work for quite some time, his wonderful output of computational art can be found at Unlekker and Evolutionzone

Incidentally there was a wonderful new book out on Vasarely published early this year

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