Simon Katan – Cube with Magic Ribbons

Simon Katan – Cube with Magic Ribbons

Simon Katan’s audio-visual piece Cube with Magic Ribbons takes the visual form of an electronic circuit diagram that behaves as a live musical score and performative sequencer simultaneously. Temporal multi-modal relationships between visual elements and sound events are actuated by a ‘tape head’ as it follows the path of the wire. If, for example, a tape head crosses a ‘capacitor’ bridge then the crisp crackle of electrical discharge is heard synchronously with its visual representation. Rectangles resembling resistors generate notes of varying pitch and depending on their sequential alignment generate tonal cascades.

Cube with Magic Ribbons – Simon KatanCube with Magic Ribbons – Simon Katan

Extra tape heads, as well as circuit elements, can be added and configured in a performative context so that the branching wire structures and paths of numerous tape heads collude to unfold an increasingly complex musical structure. Simon cites the work of M.C.Escher as an influence on the work, we might also see Cube with Magic Ribbons as audio-visual interpretation of Paul Klee’s maxim, ‘taking a line for a walk’ – or more accurately taking a tape head for a walk.

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