James Bills – Golden Parachutes

Golden Parachutes, Rx8xR  - James BillsGolden Parachutes, Rx8xR – James Bills

James Bills series of projection drawings, Golden Parachutes, are generated by random numbers obtained from a series of of polyhedral dice throws. Each aleotoric drawing uses a different system, indicated by its title (such as 1xRxR or 8x8xR), to translate those numbers into indeterminate isometric lattices characterised by spectrographic elevation columns. Gold leaf gilding punctuates the upper parts of these columns resulting in illuminated grids of squares that hover above the main architectural structures.

Golden Parachutes, RxRxR  - James BillsGolden Parachutes, RxRxR – James Bills

A golden parachute (similar to a golden handshake) is a ‘no strings attached’ severance agreement between a company and an executive employee allowing the employee to receive significant benefits such as cash bonuses and stock options if employment is terminated.

The contradiction of rewarding failure, among many other illogical and immoral transactions of the financial sector, here becomes an inspiration and a focal point of transmutation in James’ drawings. It’s an alchemical procedural where he is, arguably, turning something that is shit into gold – where harmonious configurations are remodeled from rotten collapsing economic infrastructures.

Golden Parachutes, 8xRx9  - James BillsGolden Parachutes, 8xRx9 – James Bills

Golden Parachutes, 8x8xR  - James BillsGolden Parachutes, 8x8xR – James Bills

Golden Parachutes, 1xRxR  - James BillsGolden Parachutes, 1xRxR – James Bills

Kaleidoscope Cylinder – James BillsKaleidoscope Cylinder – James Bills

Class Warfare II - James BillsClass Warfare II – James Bills

Other drawings by James, such as Class Warfare II and Kaleidoscope Cylinder similarly rely on mathematical procedures to create hard-edged graphical structures.

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