Owen Schuh – Calculation and Iteration Drawings

Recursive Network – Owen SchuhRecursive Network – Owen Schuh

Owen Schuh uses mathematical procedures, sometimes with the aid of a calculator as well as bespoke drawing machines, to generate emergent drawings which evoke computational and natural system visualisations. One of the key aspects of Owen’s work is the use of simple formulae, iteratively, to direct the growth of complex structures – local calculations give rise to autonomous and unexpected global configurations.

Disturbance – Owen Schuh Disturbance – Owen Schuh

Owen comments on his process:

‘Although the spectre of determinism and reductionism lurks behind every corner I find the process of utilizing mathematical rigor to actually be a liberating one.  Though I must submit to the dictates of an algorithm I gain access to new formal and structural possibilities. In most cases, though each step is rigidly determined the end result cannot be predicted ahead of time nor can it be worked backwards to deduce a unique original state’

Turbulence – Owen Schuh Turbulence – Owen Schuh

Owen uses well known rule-based systems such as Cellular Automata, circle packing algorithms, L-Systems and Fractal geometry to create his works. Step-by-step computations simulate activation and inhibition processes so that each temporal slice has the possibility to generate new branching and subset behaviours. This process is made visible in works such as Turbulence and Disturbance, where linear patterns insinuate the chaotic and stochastic behaviour of fluid flow and velocity fluctuations.

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